Myrrh is a costly resin used for perfume and

medicinal purposes. It's harvested from the 

myrrh tree by placing deep wounds into the

trunk of the tree in order for the resin to well up to the surface. 


As I started writing the music and praying for vision concerning this project, I began to realize that these songs were telling my story over the past several years, that the music would be like reaping a costly perfume from deep inside the place that can only be reached from being pierced.


Maybe you will find that the music tells a part of your story too.

                                                            -Krista Hope

1. VISION- The table is spread. The FATHER says come. "Let Me show you who you are. Let Me show you who I AM. Let me show you HEAVEN.


2. THE INVITATION- Heaven is revealed. I AM revealed. Now will you say yes to journey UP THE MOUNTAIN, to a place where few choose to go?  There you will find FELLOWSHIP with My sufferings. There I will refine you with fire and conform you in my death so that you may live. Under the cleft of the rock you will find Me.


3. WAITING IN SURRENDER - I said yes to Your invitation. This is really painful, but I know You're here with me. Help me not to get up off the floor too quickly. Help me to keep my heart open to hope, to stay in the process. I know it takes time, but You're in this. You're here. You've given me vision. This is completely worth it.


4. PRELUDE TO HOPE- I waited with You. You gave me grace and I didn't give up. I can see how You've been changin me, making me more like You. This is still really painful. I kind of feel like I'm falling through the air but You've shown me that I'm getting ready to fly. Strengthen me in the hope of my calling. Remind me of my sight, of vision. 


5. OF THIS CALLING- "Come up here my beautiful one. I'm so proud of you. Now I will teach you to fly, I will teach you to run. I will ask you to do my bidding. I trust you. You will dance. You will sing. You will create beautiful things with me, not out of selfish ambition or vain conceit but simply because I made you to. You are my precious treasure and we will go on many exploits together.